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Janus: Optimizing RCM Processes through Operational Intelligence & Automation


Healthcare organizations continue to feel the burden of revenue cycle management (RCM), committing significant resources to collect payments amid rising labor costs, staff turnover, and administrative waste.

Key findings in this report include:

  • KLAS' Key Performance Indicators
  • Overall customer satisfaction and time to see outcomes
  • Customer feedback on the strengths of Janus' platform and opportunities for growth
  • Long-term solution viability, and why Janus will continue to have a place in the Healthcare IT (HIT) market
  • KLAS' Points to Ponder: What customers need to be successful with Janus

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What customers are saying:

“Janus fits in very well. All their tools are geared toward the future and making things easier. For example, Teleport is saving staff time on each search. Making the staff’s lives easier is a huge no-brainer. The other thing we really like about Janus is that while we engaged with them in the legacy area, they were coming up with new things. They are always coming up with new things as the market evolves. They move forward, and they can customize a lot of things for clients because they are creating their own systems, reporting, and bots.”

Revenue Cycle Executive, Janus Customer

“If we get the results we are hoping for with claim statuses, that area will be successful across the market. The no-response workflows provide a perfect opportunity to use AI instead of people. So if Janus delivers what we think they will deliver, I can’t see why any organization wouldn’t want something like Janus’ solution.”

—Revenue Cycle Director/Manager, Janus Customer

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